Product Review: EggPod

I eat 2 hard boiled eggs as a snack everyday. Unfortunately, I was never good at timing the boiling of the eggs well. They would always be IMPOSSIBLE to peel, and either over or under cooked. Alas, the EggPod, an infomercial-worthy product, has actually solved all three of these problems for me! I was skeptical since -as I mentioned- it is packaged like something on a late night TV infomercial, but it turns out it is the ultimate tool in boiling eggs. Just add water, 4 eggs, snap the lid, and microwave for 9 minutes and VOILA – perfect eggs. Even my husband (who thought this was a ridiculous/frivolous kitchen tool) agreed that this EggPod is AWESOME. So I am now sharing my secret with the universe, and I highly suggest you purchase one too:


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