Product Spotlight – Garlic Tools

Two tools I couldn’t have done without this past Thanksgiving were my garlic roller and peeler.  If you don’t already have these in your kitchen toolbox, they are inexpensive and necessary if you use a lot of minced garlic.  And if you aren’t already using a lot of garlic shame on you! Just kidding…

  •  Chef’n® garliczoom® Garlic Chopper Set  $9.99 – Insert the peeled clove of garlic in the garliczoom, then roll it on your kitchen counter.  The blades mince the garlic as you roll it.
  • Oxo Good Grips® Garlic Peeler with Case  $6.99Easiest and quickest way to peel the garlic clove.  Insert one garlic clove at a time and roll on the counter.  The peeled garlic will fall out with the skin to discard.

Looks like Bed Bath & Beyond carries both products, if you don’t have one in your area, Williams-Sonoma carries both items as well.   Happy Cooking!


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