Restaurant Review: La Crepe Nanou (3 Stars)

A quaint, charming spot on a side street in New Orleans, the french restaurant La Crepe Nanou is an uptown favorite.  While the atmosphere is romantic, and the service is good, the food fell a little short.  For starters, the mussels are glorious in a garlic butter sauce.  Make sure to get plenty of french bread to soak in the sauce once you’re done.  The french onion soup is also a good starter, but no surprises there.  Unfortunately, the crepes are less than desirable.  If I learned anything from Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares it was how to tell if a dish has been microwaved.  The crepes were clearly victims of the micro.  The plates were hot and the crepe was hot on the surface but the center was cold, not to mention bland. I thought maybe it was just my crepe au crabe, but my husband’s crepe aux crevettes came out a little tastier, but with the same microwaved characteristics.

Another sour part to the night was the maitre’d, who apparently seats people not according to his “list” but according to who he feels like seating first.  We did see someone hand him a 20 and get seated immediately – so if you want to do some bribing to get seated that might be a good idea since they don’t take reservations.

Even though the mayor of New Orleans was sitting two tables away from us, I just can’t bring myself to give the restaurant more than 3 stars.

RATING: 3 out of 5 Stars

Location: 1410 Robert Street, New Orleans, LA 70115


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